About Imbituba

            The Imbituba name originated from 'imbé', a type of vine used by the Indians who inhabited the region, and the suffix 'uba', or 'tube', which means lot.

                Imbituba is the county seat of the first private port in the country. The city offers numerous tourist attractions, with a good investment by the private sector and the government.

                Its nine beaches are unspoilt and very sought after by athletes, visitors and bathers, as well as being the nursery of whales that can be seen playing or nursing between June and October.

                The Imbituba beaches stand out for crystal clear water and for its favorable ripple for sports such as surfing, kite surfing and windsurfing. Another highlight is the beautiful native tropical vegetation of the Atlantic.

                The local cuisine is rich and seafood base.

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Silvestre Praia Hotel - Imbituba/SC
Silvestre Praia Hotel - Imbituba/SC
Silvestre Praia Hotel - Imbituba/SC
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